Expert tips ON how to pitch to journalists

Discover how to pitch to journalists to gain publicity for your business!

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Wednesday, Jan. 17 @ 7PM ET | 4 PM PT

Katharine Paljug

Here's what you'll learn In this Live webinar:

  • Who to pitch: choosing relevant queries to respond to, plus how to find writers to pitch directly.
  • How to stand out: why you need a unique spin and how to find one.
  • Answering a query: what to include in your pitch, what to leave out, and how long it should be.


Katharine is a writer and consultant who loves the power of words and uses them to help small businesses connect with customers and increase their profits.  She offers web copywriting, editing, researched articles, and content marketing, as well as coaching individual businesses and speaking to groups on how to market their work online.

Katharine used to be a professional performer, so she’s always up for a dance party but thinks real life should be drama-free. She also drinks way too much tea (seriously, it’s a ridiculous amount) and firmly believes in the Oxford comma.

Connect with Katharine on Twitter and Pinterest as @kpaljug, as well as visit her website at

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