You have developed a concrete business concept and you have defined the market need of your product or service offering; researched your industry, target audiences, and competitors; and now you are ready to develop a marketing plan to help you launch your business.

However, you feel overwhelmed by all of the information online and on the bookshelves of bookstores and libraries, web courses, classes, and workshops about how to build and promote your business—it is easy to feel discouraged, lost, and frustrated by just wanting to launch or refine your business idea.

Take a look at the five honest reasons why my clients needed a marketing plan:

  1. Social media is so confusing…I do not know if I should be using Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat to promote my brand. What do I need to share? Do I need to be on social media?
  2. I paid a marketing consultant to create my marketing plan. However, I am not achieving my monthly sales goals doing any of the strategies outlined. I do not want to invest in another consultant and I prefer to learn how to plan and execute marketing myself.
  3. I am having difficulty reaching new audiences/customers/clients and would like to expand my business, products, and service offerings to new groups of people.
  4. It has been 6 months since I have launched my business and I have not made one single sale. I am not sure if I am meeting and attracting the right audience.
  5. I have a successful business that continues to grow quarterly. However, I know that I could be growing my business further if I launched a website and used social media. I just do not know how and where to start.
Sounds like you?

Start creating your marketing plan with the Clever Start: Marketing & Launch Plan Webinar. I am here to inform you that in only 60 minutes, you will end the session feeling confident, organized, and ready to execute your marketing strategy to launch your business venture successfully.

No more Googling, searching countless blogs and websites, or shelving out hundreds, often thousands of dollars to understand basic marketing strategy, planning, and execution tactics to finally share your business to the world!

Use my helpful marketing blueprint as a reference of the essential items to include in your plan.

Clever Me

In just one-hour, you will learn how to develop, implement, and execute your marketing plan in less than 10 weeks!

Here is what we will discuss: 
  • What action items to focus on each week/month;
  • What to do before you launch products or services;
  • What content ideas are necessary to promote your products or services;
  • and much more!
You will learn how to:
  • Validate and test your business concept;
  • Develop your audience story;
  • Determine pricing for your products or services;
  • Generate content ideas and distribution channels of promotion; and
  • Evaluate your marketing efforts to confirm what tactics are working (or not) and how to adjust your plan.

The best part is that you will receive access to the recorded session, my marketing plan template,  launch plan checklist, weekly emails with actionable to-dos to help you stay accountable to complete an effective marketing strategy.