Clever Start: Marketing & Launch Plan Webinar




You have developed a concrete business concept and you have defined the market need of your product or service offering; researched your industry, target audiences, and competitors; and now you are ready to develop a marketing plan to help you launch your business.

However, the only thing stopping you from getting started is that you do not know the steps you need to take to begin creating an effective marketing strategy.

In my live training session, you will learn how to craft a marketing plan step-by-step without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Instead, you will end the session feeling confident, organized, and ready to execute your marketing strategy to market your business successfully.

Learn how to develop, implement, and execute your marketing plan in less than 10 weeks!

In this session, we will discuss:
  • What action items to focus on each week/month;
  • What to do before you launch products or services;
  • What content ideas are necessary to promote your products or services; and much more!
You will learn how to:
  • Validate and test your business concept;
  • Develop your audience story;
  • Determine pricing for your products or services;
  • Generate content ideas and distribution channels of promotion; and
  • Evaluate your marketing efforts to confirm what tactics are working (or not) and how to adjust your plan.

Receive lifetime access to the recorded session, worksheets and receive weekly actionable to-dos straight to your inbox.


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