The Marketing Blueprint Toolkit



Are you tired of Googling to find the right marketing plan for your business?

The Marketing Blueprint Toolkit is the easiest way to develop and stick to your marketing plan with straightforward, step-by-step plug-and-play worksheets.

No more wasting time browsing and researching marketing templates and spending hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) on a marketing consultant or marketing firm to outline a plan that you can do yourself.

Use the Marketing Blueprint template along with eight fillable and printable worksheets to help you:

  • Develop product and service descriptions;
  • Create audience personas and messaging;
  • Determine pricing model* and sales strategy;
  • Determine promotion and advertising channels;
  • Create lead capturing system;
  • Develop annual marketing calendar;
  • Create annual budget; and
  • Develop measurement and evaluation plan.

*Includes gross profit margin and cost-plus pricing calculators.





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