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A vital step to business planning, and developing a sound marketing plan, is ensuring that you know who you are solving problems for and why? The “who” is your target audience, the demographic of people to whom you sell your products or services. Without knowing who your target audience is, you will not go on to launch and maintain a business successfully because logically, without customers, you do not have a business.


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Moving from Dream to a Concrete Business Idea

Whether you are starting a small business or reviewing business strategies to increase success and profit, taking the time to develop a concrete business idea is an essential part of the process. Developing that concrete business plan requires a careful review of your skills and interests, industry surveys and a detailed audit of your target audience. The data from those three core metrics combine to give you the information you need to move your business dream to a successful business reality.

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Clever Me Audio Blog: Episode 1 – Intro

Hi, guys –

Take a listen to my first audio blog in that I share my professional and personal experiences that have led to Clever Me. I also explain the importance of developing a business concept and much more!

Preview the audio blog.

My goal is to share my journey as a solopreneur — the ups, downs, and everything in between,

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